Getting up a little before 4 every morning has many challenges. But I would say the biggest thing I've struggled with over the past year is eating a fulfilling breakfast. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when reaching for something quick, it should still be healthy. That's not how I've been doing it, though. I usually reach for a Redbull, and iI know this is horrible, but I usually don't eat until I'm finished with my workday.

To change my eating habits and give myself a little more energy to get me through my early morning crash. Yes, I'm aware my morning crash is likely caused by the Redbull. But that aside, I also need to make sure I'm eating healthy too.

I've jumped on the diet bandwagon once before and lost tons and tons of weight, so I thought back to some of my favorite "go-to's" then. And it didn't take me long to decide Overnight Oats were exactly the place I needed to start. If you don't know what Overnight Oats are, they are a cold version of oatmeal that you let sit overnight to absorb all the delicious added ingredients.

Below you'll find my favorite Overnight Oats recipe that takes just like an Almond Joy candy bar.


Overnight Oats: A Super Easy Breakfast For Those On The Go


Here's what you'll need: Maple syrup, Almond Milk, Chia Seeds, Old Fashion Oats, Chocolate Chips, and Coconut Flakes.

Step 1- Gather your ingredients.

Step 2- 1/2 cup - Old Fashioned Oats.

Step 3- Add 2 TBS - Shredded Coconut.

Step 4- Add 1 TBS - Slivered Almonds.

Step 5- Add 2 TBS - Chocolate Chips (I used Dark Chocolate).

Step 6- Add 1/2 TBS - Chia Seeds.

Step 7- Add 1 TBS - Maple Syrup.

Step 8- Add 3/4 Cup - Almond Milk.

Step 9- Mix & Refrigerate overnight.

I hope this yummy recipe makes your mornings a little less stressful and a little healthier too!


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