Everyone can use a good laugh once in awhile!  Even if it's at the expense of someone else.  C'mon be a good sport!  I randomly bumped into these gems yesterday and felt them worthy of sharing.  I promise...it's OK to laugh.  I did...until there were tears running down my legs.  Enjoy!

I've heard about the Chewbacca Mom that went viral on internet...but never actually watched it.  Until now...

I will be buying this very very soon!!

OK...I hate winter!  And I didn't laugh at the girl slipping...no, I'm laughing at the extreme laughter in the background!  Turn your volume up!!  My heart goes out to the woman slipping.  I'm laughing with her...not at her.

Now this video is just plain hysterical!!  Even the victim is laughing...so there.  But listen to the conversation.  That's the BEST part!!

And well....this guy....he WANTS to be laughed at....so LOL away!

OK...excuse me while I get some serious work done!!  Cheers!

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