We all have them. My wife has arachnophobia. The fear of spiders is a very common fear. She knows she is bigger than the spider and it can’t harm her. Yet she is terrified of them.

Gephyrophobia, is the fear of going over bridges. And it’s the irrational fear of bridges that I struggle with. I know the probability of dying on a bridge is minuscule yet the fear is still there. Once while visiting family we got caught on the Bay bridge in Maryland. As in there was an accident at the very top and we were only a few cars behind. So we were stuck there. I have no idea how the ambulance got through but it did. My thoughtful step daughter offered to walk off the bridge with me. Um that was a big no although the thought was sweet for sure. I survived even though it took forever to clear the accident.

Germaphobia. There’s one we’re all familiar with lately. We all wash our hands like Lady Macbeth and wear masks. Social distance. All to prevent the spread of covid19. And for some this fear is valid.

Politicophobia. The fear of politics. Now there’s an interesting one to consider in light of recent events. Perhaps some of you suffer from this as well. But here’s the deal. Being afraid doesn’t change anything except how you respond. There will always be bridges and spiders and even politics.

Don’t let your fears define who you are. Face them and move forward as I will.

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