A report by a State Of Maine Health Inspector said Cancun Mexican Restaurant in Waterville is not shut down due to numerous health violations, according to a report by centralmaine.com. This is the second time this year the restaurant has been closed down by the state for health violations.

“The facility presents an Imminent Health Hazard to the public and is being asked to voluntarily close until the Critical Violations have been corrected"

The violations ranged from improper hygiene practices, to lack of prevention of food contamination, as well as inadequate heating and cooling of food.

Two individuals that have remained nameless were charged with the violations and were not able to demonstrate proper food handling and management protocols that are require when working in food service. These violations put the public at severe risk.
Cancun Mexican restaurant in Waterville is not allowed to open to the public until these violations have been addressed and corrected, and a follow-up inspection has given the eatery a passing grade.

The report noted several issues of rodents living in food storage areas, as well as rat dropping in critical areas of the food area. By law these have to be addressed with a commercial pest control company.

There also appeared to be people living in the restaurant as a personal residence.

In addition to correcting the critical violations, managers at Cancun Restaurant will be required to retake a food protection management course.

According to the report, the owner has vowed to correct all issues and resume business as soon as possible.

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