This story is one my husband and I will never, ever forget. I won't forget it because I caused great fear in someone I love more then the world itself. He will never forget it because he had to be the one to mend the emotions of that person.

Now, you probably think I'm going to tell you some horrible story, but now that we can look back, it's actually one of our more hilarious family memories and we didn't end up scaring our daughter for life so that's good.
It all started when our daughter, Belle, who is now a teenager, was just 2 years old. You know the age where you start really digging your heels into potty training. The age where every 20 minutes you have them sit on the toilet and "just try" for a good 10 minutes. The age where cartoons are life and earning a skittle or an M&M is the perfect reward for using the restroom. Also I want to know why this stops when you are a child.. I also deserve potty treats.
We tried absolutely everything. When I say everything, I mean it!  We went so far that we bought her a Potty Watch in the shape of toilet.. Yup a toilet. This watch would go off every 15-25 minutes and remind her to head for the bathroom and try going. Guys, this watch even sang when she finally did her business.
The watch didn't work...  She didn't care about having a Potty Watch. She didn't care to use the "big girl" potty. She didn't care if she wore a diaper for the rest of her life, but I cared. She did however care about cartoons, which toddler doesn't right? Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street  and 101 Dalmatians were always her go to choices.
With her being a toddler I wanted to get on her level and make it a game. This is where the whole story goes haywire. This is where I was officially fired from all future potty training en devours. I mean is that really a punishment? Either way it sure was at the time.
We were sitting in the living room when my last attempt (before I was fired) at getting her to use the potty came. Shortly before this final trip to the bathroom, we were watching Sesame Street, so when sitting her onto the toilet the next sentence popped out of my mouth and ill be sure you know, I WILL NEVER LIVE IT DOWN.
"Belle just go, the toilet is a Potty Monster and its hungry, so feed it!"
As you can Imagine she screamed as she immediately jumped off the toilet, I screamed (I also laughed A LOT), my husband came running and well, I haven't been in charge of potty training since. My brain apparently tried to make a relatable connection between cookie monster from sesame street and potty training, it didn't work out like my brain thought it would.
I'll have you know she shows absolutely zero signs of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and is no longer scared of the toilet! Glass half full.
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