In preparation for his 8th studio album, I look back on 13 years of listening to Jason Aldean and narrowed down my 8 favorite songs.

8. Asphalt Cowboy-Jason Aldean

Off his self titled debut album this was a song that struck a chord with me, being a country music lover surrounded by people who were into the punk rock scene, I definitely felt like a fish out of water.

7. My Kinda Party-My Kinda Party

The title track to his most successful album to date, this song really allowed his reputation of the next big country rocker take charge. This song was originally recorded by Brantley Gilbert, but Jason Aldean made the song his own and turned it into a hit.

6. Reason To Love L.A.-They Don't Know

One of the most surprising non-singles I've ever witnessed, Reason to Love L.A. is my favorite song on his most recent album. A love song about how he moved for the girl he loves to a city he doesn't, mixed in with great production, really speaks to his excellent song choices.

5. Tryin' to Love Me-Old Boots, New Dirt

Heartbreak is not a new topic for songs, but Jason took that old faithful tale and turned it on its head with this song. Admitting he was at fault for the relationship falling apart this ballad hits all the right chords.

4. Dirt Road Anthem-My Kinda Party

It would be hard to defend not putting this song on this list. Not only is this his best selling song, it is the best selling song by a solo male artist in history with over 4 million copies sold. One of the most well known country songs out there it is very difficult to find something to dislike about this song, even if you're not into the country rap genre.

3. Big Green Tractor-Wide Open

I consider this the romantic soul sister of Kenny Chesney's, She Thinks My Tractors Sexy. One of his most well known songs, with a catchy hook mixed in with memorable lyrics, I just really like the song.

2. Johnny Cash- Relentless

There is something about this song, I honestly do not know what it is. It's not the typical song that I enjoy but I love driving down the road rocking out to this song. It's one of life's mysteries I guess.

1. The Truth-Wide Open

My favorite song, on my favorite album of his. It is a stirring ballad about someone broken down trying to make the girl who sent him down that path not feel responsible. There is something about that story that hits home for me.


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