Our reason to smile today introduces us to the mayor of Fishers, Indiana, who has launched the "2,000 Acts of Kindness Challenge", encouraging residents to complete 2,000 acts of kindness by January 18th.

Fishers was thinking about what might be a nice incentive for the residents, so he is giving out $100,000 in gift cards to local restaurants to residents to keep the economy moving during the pandemic. This is not only a great idea but one that is easy to duplicate around the country as we all have restaurants that are struggling and we could all use more kindness after all that 2020 has thrown at us.

But the gift cards, all broken down into $50 rewards are conditional: the recipients must conduct an act of kindness to receive them.

According to the towns Twitter page, Mayor Scott Fadness says:

"2020 has been a year that has challenged us as a community, but it has also given us new opportunities to come together, I've seen neighbors helping neighbors, offering to pick up groceries or deliver meals. I have seen our residents step up to support strangers, participating in food drives and creating holiday care packages for those in need."

The residents of Fishers have been asked to share their kind act, or nominate someone who has performed a kind act, through an online form and on social media using #FishersKindness.

The acts can include gestures like picking up groceries for an elderly neighbor, sending notes of gratitude to co-workers or cleaning snow off a stranger's car.

A great idea and example for us all in such a trying year as 2020. Lets get together our own act of kindness challenge....who's in?

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