This is an old story...but with only 29 days left before the new movie premieres.  Wondering if  you should see it?  Here's what we have to say about the first movie. 

I finally ventured out last night and watched the movie of the year...50 Shades of Grey.  I have read all 3 books and have been anticipating the release of this hot steamy flick.  So, I have high expectations when it comes movies based off of books.  I always want it to be better than the book...and since this book was so poorly written, making a great movie should be an easy task. 

This movie was TERRIBLE!  No, wait....terrible would have been tolerable.  There are no words to describe this movie.  On a scale from 1-10...well, let's just say our sub-zero temperatures is a higher number than what I'm willing to dish out for this catastrophe.  What an epic mess.

Where do I begin?  Let's talk about Anastasia Steele.  A character who clearly knows nothing about shaving.  Her legs were hairy...and from the multiple shots I was able to see, so was her critter.  C'mon...hello!  Shave that thing.  It wasn't even neatly landscaped.  It was just "BAM" right a bonsai tree needing to be pruned.  Good grief.

Jamie Dornan got a lot of heat from the public that he doesn't fit the description of Christian Grey.  I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt...but now that I've seen the movie, he indeed was a horrible Christian Grey.  It's not his fault.

The acting by both characters was like watching a high school play.  They were uptight and not relaxed at all with their characters.  It was really awkward and painful to watch.  Here's what makes upsets me the most about all of this.  The books were terrible.  Poorly written.  The author has a very limited imagination and perhaps 3 adjectives she knows how to use properly.  But, something about this love story made me go out and read all 3 books.  Same thing will probably hold true with the movies.  Even though this one was a disaster, like a train wreck I can't take my eyes off of, I will probably watch the next 2 movies.

And now, here's Divas Squared with their thoughts on the movie!

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