Yes, I think all fairgrounds should BAN smoking.  We all know the health hazards associated with second hand cigarette smoke.  So, I will spare the lecture.  Being in the path of a burning cigarette is disgusting.  But, here's what I've observed at local state fairs.  

Usually, it's crowded.  I often see people walking through the crowds with cigarettes in their hand down by their side.  In these massive groups of people, there are also children.  Small ones, tiny ones, big ones and tall ones.  But those children that are at the right height of that burning cigarette...well, they end up breathing that direct smoke from the cancer stick (GROSS...I hate it as an adult...and I hated it as a child)...but they can also end up getting burned.

I know this because my child got burned by a rogue cigarette at a fair last year.  Right on the side of her eye.  Can you imagine if it got her in the eye?  I thought the rides were supposed to be what I worry about...not innocently walking through crowds.

Smoking has been banned from restaurants and other establishments and it's time fairgrounds do the same thing.  Need to smoke?  Go to your car.  Go to a designated smoking area.  Do it for the kids who can't ask you to do it for themselves.

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