He crept into our room yesterday morning at 5am and whispered "Mama, just wanted to tell you we have our field trip today."

Can you tell he was excited?

And who could blame him. So was I!

It was an hour-long bus ride with Mrs. Armstrong's class from Benton Elementary to Lincolnville Beach. I get bus sick so thankfully I brought along some ginger ale. We were driven by Betty, who listens to B98.5 on her bus every day! Thanks Betty! I was in charge of Anderson and his best friend, Andre. These two are peas in a pod!

We were able to find really cool shells, crabs, snails and some lucky kids found sand dollars!

I don't know how kids are able to put their feet in that cold water! Brrrrrr!

Photo by Sharon Buck

After a lunch on our blanket we looked for more and found very interesting rocks! The look of wonder and awe on their faces was priceless!

And on the way home, Anderson fell asleep, like many of the other children. On my lap I held the most precious angel God has ever sent. I was only able to make one field trip this year due to my work schedules for both of my jobs, but I was so glad I was able to go. It's one I'll never forget. And I hope he doesn't either.