This music business is one tough nut to crack. Dang it all!

I now see why some songwriters just take their pencils and put them back in the drawer for long periods of time.

Rejection is a hard thing....but it's not the end.

Jana Kramer
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. THIS was the moment I had been hoping for! You see, I have sent songs by email not by mail. I have been entering contests to have my song critiqued or heard by professionals in the Nashville area hoping for positive feedback...or ANY feedback at all!

All the major labels will NOT take unsolicited material (which means if you're not a writer on their list...they throw it in the trash WITHOUT listening to it). You basically have to KNOW somebody that KNOWS somebody that knows SOMEBODY'S cousin that has their hair done by the backup singer for Carrie Underwood's drummer's hair stylist in order to get your foot in the door.

You think I'm joking?

Yes, it's THAT hard to have an unknown writer's song listened to by anyone in the music business.

But yesterday...I got a REJECTION!


Why am I happy?

It's because my song was actually HEARD by someone! And it was heard by Jana Kramer the singer of 'Why Ya Wanna'. The Music City Songwriting Competition was held and, unfortunately, I didn't make the cut. BUT it was HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!

IT WAS HEARD!!!!!!!!!

That's the beginning, right?

I'm just going to keep trying. I love all my songs but the latest, 'Miss Loretta', I think is going to be THE ONE! I can't wait for Loretta Lynn to hear it!

AND....We are going to have it recorded! Tonight, Brad Truman from B & R Studios is coming to my home to scope out the rooms to see what equipment he will need to make the master. He is the one who recorded our B98.5 Country Christmas CD and it came out GREAT! He does such a great job at the Waterfront Wednesdays every year when he does the sound for all the bands. He makes us sound goooooood!

So, I hope this hits everyone to NOT give up on your dreams! There may be bumps and bruises along the road to success but get up, brush yourself off and get back on that horse! Or motorcycle. Or whatever you want to ride to the top!

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