We are less than one week away from Christmas, and that means that this Saturday (December 19th) is Super Saturday - the last BIG shopping day before Christmas!

I do have the majority of my shopping done, or at the very least, I have a list of people I still need to buy for done. So, I thought I'd share some of my favorite go-to places that I plan on shopping at this weekend, just in case you need a few ideas!


Damon's Beverage & Redemption - Damon's newest location in Waterville just off KMD has been on my list of stops for a while because nothing goes better in a 21+ Christmas Stocking than a bottle of booze! 

Madlyn's New and Used Consignment Shop in Waterville- Okay, this one is maybe a little bit for me and a little for Christmas gifts. Haha. While I'm in there picking out something cute to wear, I'm also going to grab a gift card for my mother, who also loves clothes! 

Loot (NEW) at The Marketplace at Augusta - Loot is new to Augusta but has many options when you're thinking of all the people on your list. There is something for everyone on your list at Loot, from toys and name brand clothes to home goods and furniture.

Audette's Hardware in Winthrop - Audette's Hardware is at the top of my shopping list as well. Being married to a manly man who loves to tinker on all things, you can never go wrong shopping at a hardware store.

Us Cellular - Us Cellular is a must on my shopping list. I have a teenage daughter who lives with an outdated cellphone stuck to her hand, and I think now is the perfect time for an upgrade and some fun accessories.

And last but certainly not least...

Dunkin- Dunkin' gift cards are always a must on my shopping list, and of course, once I'm all done shopping, I cant treat myself to a delicious Dunkin' Iced Coffee.

No time to go out?  You can always save big with Seize The Deal - check it out HERE

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