According to the Augusta Maine Police Department Facebook page, tomorrow Tuesday, July 28th, the Greater Augusta Utility District will be replacing a broken water valve at the intersection of State St and Winthrop St.

Water will be shut off to a section of State Street, between Winthrop Street and Bridge Street at 9 am and should be repaired and restored by 2 pm. The Utility District is committed to being diligent and getting the job done on schedule. But, please understand that it may take a little longer, as sometimes things don't go as planned.

The Greater Augusta Utility District encourages residents to store a sufficient amount of water before the shutdown. When considering how much to store, think of all your water needs like cooking, cleaning, drinking, etc.

Once the water is back on, let your water run for two to five minutes to remove any air bubbles and discolored water. If you still are experiencing discolored water, you should contact the Greater Augusta Utility District at (207) 622-3701 during regular business hours. If you should need assistance after hours, please call public safety at (207) 626-2370.


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