5. Thou shalt arrive at the beach early as to not have to complain later on. It's Vacationland, y'all. Your favorite beach will probably fill up on a hot day. It's not uncommon for there to be a long line at the entrance. That one attendant in the entrance booth who's often a retired lady named Margaret, or a high school senior named Dillon, can only take your entry fee so fast. I know you're hot and sitting on the side of the road isn't ideal, but proper planning can help that. It won't kill you to wake up a bit early in the summer to make your beach day a little more seamless. Plus, is there anything better than a nap on the beach?

4. Thou shalt wear sunscreen. I know, I know, you want to be tan. But at what cost? Think of it this way, we like being tan because it gives us the appearance of being more attractive, right? Well, how attractive are you going to look when you're 35 looking like a 60-year-old/beef jerky? That is if you make it to 35. According to healthline.com, young adult women who experienced 5 or more blistering sunburns were 80% more likely to be diagnosed with melanoma later in life. Having cancer and looking like leathery meat doesn't sound that appealing, does it? This is just as important on those overcast days. The clouds will not prevent harmful rays from damaging your skin.

3. Thou shalt not leave lunch unattended. This is a total amateur move. Seagulls are greedy creatures. They don't even care if you're mid-bite into an Italian. (Don't worry, Mainers aren't cannibals, an Italian around here is also a type of sandwich.) Seagulls will take it right out of your sandy paws.. I've witnessed large bags of chips being whisked away, bowls of pasta salad tipped over, sandwiches devoured. Be vigilant while eating and put the snacks away while swimming or being otherwise distracted.

2. Thou shalt respect other beachgoers. Sure throwing around a football or a frisbee can be fun, just make sure no one is around you. Nothing's worse than dozing off on your beach chair to then be startled awake by a Wilson football to the face.

1. Thou shalt leave the beach more beautiful than it was upon arrival. Bring a trash bag to take care of your lunch leftovers, tags from new beach toys, and anything else you may have come across that's been carelessly discarded. Keep Maine beaches beautiful! And HAVE FUN!

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