Do you remember the young passionate puppy love stage of your relationship? If you've been in a longtime marriage or relationship that may be fond memories of your past life. But, what if I told you those fond date night memories should be events in your present life.

I've been with my husband Stephen for 15 years, meaning we were just 16 years old when we started that sweet puppy love stage. Not long after we started dating, we found out that we would soon be teen parents. One year into our love story, we welcomed a blonde-haired blue-eyed 6lb 3 oz baby girl, and just one year after that, we vowed to love each other until death does us part.

So, not only were we teen parents, but we were also teen newlyweds. Most people thought our marriage would end not long after it started, and some even stated, "You guys won't make it two weeks, let alone two years, the odds are already against you being teen parents." We didn't need their approval, and we surely didn't want it after some of the remarks we heard.

We did, however, have some fantastic supporters tho, both of our mothers knew we had a special type of love, a love that would get us through even the toughest of times. My mother in law even made it a priority to watch our baby (now kids) once a week so we could continue to grow our love and marriage. She'd say, "Never stop dating and be sure you always make time for each other; if you don't put your marriage first, no one will."

I couldn't ever fully thank her for teaching us that valuable life lesson, a life lesson I'd like to pass along to you. Never stop dating each other, laugh a lot, always listen to each other, and remember that even when times are tough in your marriage, people change and grow at an average of every six months. So, even though you may always love your spouse, you may not always like your spouse, just wait six months because they will change and so will you.


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