On this week's edition of Missed Connections, we have a little bit of everything...perhaps romance was found at the Oakland Library.  Door to door salesman falls for pretty eyes in Vassalboro.  Who knows, someone could be looking for you.  One thing I've observed through the last few weeks...men are more likely to post than women are. 

Country Store Connection?
Kibd of met at a town country store over the weekend. I really should have got your info. Small town hopefully i run into you again. Tell me town and what we talked about. Thanks. You must be the cutest girl in this town

Townsend Road Hottie
I've driven/ran by you a few times now, and god damn you're gorgeous and sexy as hell. You've smiled and looked at me a quite a bit now, as you work that sign. If you see this, I'd love to see you out side of that vest

Oakland Library Romance?
Saw you today around 12pm you had dark hair you took pictures of some books on the shelf. You were talking to a gentleman who was on a computer. I wish I had the nerve to ask you your name I was sitting down getting ready to dome some Art. Hope you get this drop me a dime please much ❤️

Hey, pretty eyes in Vassalboro...did this guy knock on your door?
I knocked on your door today as a courtesy. When you answered, I forgot what my name was for a second. I had to look away as I studdered my sentence. For the rest of my time next door, I envisioned how fantastic it would have been to come inside. Do you remember why I knocked on your door?

Wrong number in Bangor...
You called me, trying to call the Cross Insurance Arena. This was the second time.
The first time was a few months ago. You had been interested in the bull riding they had going on that night.  You've got a really sexy voice. I want you to call back, so I can give you the right number. Sorry I froze up there for a minute. I said "have a good night" before you could ask if I knew the number. I'm sorry.

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