Being that it's National Fragrance Day, I felt compelled to think about the craziest things I love the smell of.  'They' say that smell can trigger memories.  I, certainly, believe that is true.  Oddly enough, I have an aerosol room perfume that I got 26 years ago (WOW...I was 13)...I've kept it all these years.  I still smell it every so often. that room perfume smells more like alcohol now.  But, whatevs.  Here are some other weird'ish things I LOVE to smell:

  1. Plastic blow up pool toys.  I wish it came in a candle.  I'd burn it.
  2. Oranges on my hands.  After I peel an orange, I will smell my hands for an hour.
  3. Potting soil.  I will stick my head in the bag....and breathe in!
  4. Mary Jane..Cannabis...POT.  Yea, I'll admit it.  LOVE the smell.  Don't judge.
  5. Desitin butt cream.  Yup.
  6. Bleach.  The more the better.
  7. Smell of rain on pavement on a warm day.  Again...I'd burn that candle
  8. Someone getting a perm.  Again...don't judge me.
  9. A swimming pool.  Indoors or outdoors.  Preferably indoors.
  10. My clothes.  I will sit there and just smell my shirt.

Happy National Fragrance Day!  Go sniff somethin'

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