Even as many of Maine's businesses reopen, most of the state's fairs will not take place in 2020. If you've been to an agricultural fair, you'll understand when I say that there is no way to correctly socially distance while attending a fair.

However, some of Maine's fairs will be holding a modified version of their much-loved events.

According to the Topsham Fair Facebook page, they are bringing a little taste of the Topsham fair to us virtually through a video series and even a Facebook live. These videos will feature past and future entertainers, vendors, exhibitors, in such a creative way that you'll get the real deal fair feel.



A message from the Topsham Fair:

Our historic grandstands will sit empty this year for the first time since 1944...

Posted by Topsham Fair on Sunday, August 2, 2020


Here is the full schedule of events

Tuesday 8/4

  • Directors Message
  • Oxen Pulling

Wednesday 8/5

  • Harness Racing
  • Exhibition Hall Cooking Demonstration

Thursday 8/6

  • Farmer Brown Hoof Trimming Demonstration
  • Backhoe Contest & Sawmill Demonstration

Friday 8/7

  • Ledgeway Farm Goat Soap
  • Draft Horse Pulling Libby Farm

Saturday 8/8

  • Facebook Live @ 11 am with Ranger D the Singing Cowboy
  • Kevin’s Fries Video
  • 4-H Projects Video

Sunday 8/9

  • Chainsaw Carver Tim Pickett
  • Blacksmith Demonstration By Jan Tricarico
  • Pumpkin Patch Video
  • Past Fair Derby and Fireworks Montage


This video series is a lovely way to hold Topsham fairgoers over until the 2021 Topsham Fair comes back AUGUST 10-15 2021!


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