We all know this summer was nowhere near the traditional type.  Yes, this was not a normal summer.  No big parties, no big gatherings, no concerts, no fairs or festivals. And, it seemed now matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find yard sales.

Recently, it hit me hard that even outdoor activities seemed to be dwindling, so it's nice to see people are starting to sell their goods from their front lawns again.

If you've spent this summer hunting for yard sales, too, you're in luck!

According to the Town of Carmel Facebook page, they are having a TOWN WIDE yard sale this weekend.

The yard sale begins Friday (October 2nd) at 8 am.  It runs until 5 PM. And, it runs from 9 AM to 1 PM on Saturday.  At this time, over 40 sellers already signed up all over the town of Carmel and at the Fire Station.



This weekend... large community yard sale. We already have over 40 sellers signed up!! Maps will be available...

Posted by Town of Carmel on Monday, September 28, 2020


Because the fire station is not big enough to host everyone wanting to sell, they have put together a town-wide map of all the houses participating. If you are interested in setting up a table at the Fire Station or even on your lawn, contact the town of Carmel and make sure you're put on the map.


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