This weekend I decided to do something I hadn’t done for quite a while. I decided to take the trip down to Boothbay Harbor and play tourist for a while. Parking was easy to find. And while it was warm there was a nice offshore breeze.

Pleased to report, the shops are open and people are visiting and buying. 75% mask wearing, to 25% non-mask wearing. I noticed several cars were from out of state, which means that tourism is starting to bounce back from the pandemic, at least on this peninsula. There are signs up reminding us to social distance and please wear our masks.

We ate out at McSeagulls overlooking the harbor. I’ve never been there so it was a great opportunity to try it out. They have multiple beers on tap, which I am a big fan of. They also have wines, house specialty drinks, and of course not alcoholic choices. Of course I chose seafood for lunch and I was not disappointed by the generous portions and quality of the haddock.

The view in Boothbay is always stunning, as you observe the many boats come and go. I have to admit it was slightly amusing to watch one boat attempt to dock and get their boat tied up on the float. In hindsight I do believe he thought maybe there was a hurricane coming because that boat isn’t going anywhere for a long time.

After lunch, a stroll around, I did noticed that the outdoor dining decks were full of laughing and happy people. We walked across the footbridge and watched the sea life through the water. There were several large yachts in the Harbor as well as working boats, kayakers, and people on jet skis. It was nice to see people out enjoying Maine and life as it should be.

If you get a chance to come out to Boothbay this summer, you are sure to be greeted with the splendor that is coastal Maine, and all you have to do is embrace.

Perhaps, I'll see you there!

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