Remember the movie Grease? Remember Frenchy? Yup, that's me! My twin is Didi Conn. I've heard that my entire life. Well, why not embrace it? I found part of my Halloween costume at the new Spirit Halloween Store! I'm not just channeling my inner Nikki Hunt, I'm full on Greased!

Not only can I dress as one of my favorite movie characters but anyone can! You won't believe the selection they have!

Anderson wanted to find a costume all by himself and he chose some awesome ones! While wandering around the store, he saw the GIANT tarantula, the animated ghosts and goblins, the masks and swords. He said "Mama, this is all make-believe!" I told him it was and he wasn't scared at all! I, on the other hand, wouldn't go NEAR that spider! 

Join me this Saturday at the Spirit Halloween Store in the Shaw's Plaza on KMD in Waterville! I'll be there from 11 until 1 trying on all the different costumes and serving Cappza's Pizza for lunch! You can enter to win a $25 gift card, too! You will find everything you need for the big day from costumes to decorations for your home. See you there!!