I can't believe I did it!! But I am so happy I did.

It's only hair, right? Why not try something new for the new year and, with a little help from the wonderful people at Lux Hair Salon in Hallowell, it's new and FABULOUS!

I have been going to Nathan Sennett at Lux for over a year now. My friend, Christy Meservey, suggested I see him when I was having a hair crisis. Crisis being: I had no idea what to do with my hair!

Nathan, has not steered me wrong. On my first visit I brought in pictures of all these actress with the hair I wanted and he said "We could totally do that." REALLY? Was it possible to have Hollywood hair in central Maine?

I told him I missed my long hair and he helped me get through the awkward phase and keep going when it got unmanageable. He always does something special, whether it be adding a feather to my hair or a colored extension. He says everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. It is so nice to go to an establishment with such a positive outlook on life.

Olivia Haynes, another stylist at the salon consulted with Nathan and she is the one that actually did the coloring of my hair. I had no idea they had consulted. When she foiled my hair and took them out my hair was, well, I was scared! It looked nothing like I thought it was going to. She looked at me and said "Don't worry. We're not done yet!"  She laughed. I laughed, too! She said that the process she just did took out all the dye I had put in and NOW it was ready to be colored! PHEW!

So the color went on and it processed and she washed it out. I told her I wasn't going to look. She started drying my hair and my eyes got huge...WHAT A CHANGE!!

I absolutely love it! I had no idea that going lighter could make such a difference in my complexion!  She and Nathan are two of the best hair stylists in central Maine. I couldn't be happier with the results! My hair has dimension and it is healthy and happy, just like me!

I hope you like it because I LOVE IT! If you would like Lux's services, please call them at 626-0699. They will take GREAT care of you!