I love to watch shows like 'Deadliest Catch', 'Swamp People' and 'Ice Road Truckers'. You got to see what really happens behind the scenes of everyday people. They have dangerous jobs and you really started to care for these people and their health. Look at the outpouring of love for Captain Phil from the Cornelia Marie. That story touched me so much I cried when he passed away.

But 'Duck Dynasty'??

What is the fascination?

It's all about a family that makes duck calls. Yes, the little mouthpieces that help you lure ducks down from the sky to shoot. Well, that's how the business started. It's called Duck Commander and it all started about 25 years ago. Now, they make everything you may need for duck hunting. And they have MILLIONS!

Why has America taken these people to heart? What is the fascination about it?

What is it about Si, Willie, Phil, Jase, Korrie, Kay and Missy that has taken America by storm?

Tell us what YOU think it is!!

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