I enjoy going to the gym. I try to go at least 5 to 6 times a week. I lift by myself 3 or 4 times a week and go with a friend twice a week. I like the days I go by myself, so I can do all the cardio I want.  I also like the days I go with a friend. We lift heavier and encourage one another and have a blast! For me, the gym isn't just about lifting, it's a very social thing.

I'm sure you've seen those gym commercials, with the big muscleheads and 'bad gym etiquette'.  I first would like to say, those tend to be some of the nicest people at the gym. However, I have seen and have been guilty of 'bad gym etiquette.'

Here's a quick story of a guy at the gym I go to. One day my old roommate was working out on a machine that was near the front door of the gym. It was in the winter and it was snowing that day. This guy comes in the gym and stomps snow off his shoes and it comes flying off his foot and almost hit my friend with his shoe. Since that happened, we call him 'shoe bomber'. I've also witnessed this guy throwing 5 pound weight plates on the floor.

Here's my quick list of gym etiquette, in no particular order: Wipe down the machines, re-rack dumbells and plates, hogging machines, talking on your cellphone at the gym. What are some of things that you would add to the list of  'gym etiquette?'