photo by Andy Capwell

Since age 10 I have always been overweight. There's been the ups and downs with my weight throughout the years, but I would always gain the weight back and some! I knew I needed to lose weight and I understood my family and friends concern and advice. However, it took me really wanting to do it for myself. I remember that moment when I said to myself 'I've got to change my body'.

It was after seeing a picture that I had taken with Aaron Tippin at the Skowhegan State Fair. It was in the early 2000's, maybe 2003? I remember seeing that picture and being so disgusted with what I saw. (It's the picture in the post, I apologize for the poor quality but the picture is very important to this story). So, a few days after the concert, I went to a gym in Lewiston and joined. I had no knowledge of a workout plan or a diet, I just wanted to do something! This was my highest weight, I weighed 288 pounds. I did lose around 40 pounds fairly quickly,but I knew I knew I needed to learn how to workout. I started to workout with a friend and he showed me a great exercise routine. I started to get that exercise bug! Here is what worked for me.

1. I gave myself one year of giving it my best effort.

2. Take advice. I have a few friends that lift with me and I have learned what to do in the gym.

3. Be realistic. Everybody is different. I will never look like Mr.Maine but I do look and feel a lot better than I did when I started.

4. Challenge Yourself. Set goals and try to reach them. If you can walk 2 miles in 30 minutes, one month from now try to walk 2.2 miles in 30 minutes.

5. Be Smart with your diet. I didn't subscribe to any certain diet. It was just common sense. I eat ground turkey instead of ground beef and I eat hummus with crackers instead of chips and dips, etc.

I started at 288 pounds and after about 16 months I reached a low of 215. My personal goals have now changed, as I am now looking to gain strength and am not so concerned with the amount of pounds I weigh.

Thanks for reading my weight loss story, I would love to hear yours.