Morning Buzz

Sharon Planning Honeymoon!
It's 145 days til the big day...but who's counting?
When thinking about the different places we wanted to go for our honeymoon, Chad and I thought REALLY big and said England.
Then we thought about what we could actually AFFORD and he, being the most awesome man on the planet, said …
Awesome Deer Cam!
I know deer hunting season isn't coming back for a while. It doesn't mean we can't get our fill of watching deer another way!
Chad and I often go on this site just see the what the deer are doing at this particular feeder. We get our daily dose. Chad even once saw the 18 wheeler truck …
Remember Whoopie Goldberg in ‘Sister Act’?
Yesterday I was taking it easy on the couch and flipping through channels. It was just about 3 when I saw what was coming up: 'Sister Act'. I hadn't seen that movie in, probably, 10 years. You know music lifts me up. I threw the fuzzy throw over me and settled myself on the couch for 2 and 1/2 hours…
‘My Strange Addiction’…Gone Too Far?
There are some things I watch that gross me out but they are shows I like to watch, like Hoarders, Hoarders: Buried Alive and Dirty Jobs.
But I cannot stomach My Strange Addiction.
And this time, I think they've gone too far...YUCK!
New England Patriots Cheerleader on American Idol
American Idol premiered last night with good reviews! I can tell you...I KNEW when they added Harry Connick Jr., I was going to be laughing. And I laughed all the way to the end! Especially when he was cradling a contestant while he was singing!
And to top it all off, a New England Patriots che…

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