It is kind of hard to believe that Halloween is just a few weeks away.

As the holiday quickly approaches, we decided we'd take some time to put together a list of some of our favorite Maine haunting and ghost stories.  Sharing these stories not only gives us a chance to (hopefully) scare you at least a little, it also gives us a chance to share some Maine history with you.  Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you have to remember that these stories (for the most part) are based on events from Maine's rich history.

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Check Out These 10 Stories Of Haunted Maine

Looking for a good scare? Here are ten Maine haunting and ghost stories.

One of the cool things about the holiday is that, no matter where you are in life, the holiday has something to offer.  For the young, it is trick-or-treating, for the young adults it is dressing up and going to Halloween parties at local bars, parents get to take their kids trick-or-treating, and the elderly get to complain about the kids ringing their doorbells (or knocking) at all hours of the night.

Whatever you end up doing for Halloween, have fun and be safe!

A Look Inside The Old Cony High School

From 1930 to 2006, the Old Cony High School provided a high school education to the teenagers of Augusta, Maine. Now, it serves as senior housing. Thanks to a resident of the building, we can take a look at it.

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