In honor of Memorial Day Weekend coming up, I thought it would be nice to put together a small list of things you can still do even while social distancing.

According to Wikipedia, Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is meant to honor those who died in the service of the United States' Armed Forces.  It has been celebrated in some fashion since the 1860s.


As the weather turns nicer we are all itching to get outside. This list will give you a few options where you can enjoy the sunshine while paying your respects.


1. Paying Your Respects

You can pay your respects to veterans by visiting a Veterans Memorial or take a walk through a Veterans cemetery. According to the Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery Associations, facebook page, the gates to the Veterans Memorial Cemetery are open. They are asking that you continue to follow the Center for Disease Controls (CDC) recommended guidelines and to continue social distancing.


2. Nature Walk & Picnic

Pack up the kids, a nice picnic lunch or dinner and a blanket to sit on, then head out for  some fresh air and a nice little family picnic. With the weather forecast calling for a gorgeous weekend, it's the perfect chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine. So go find a nature trail, a beautiful beach or maybe even your own back yard.


3. BBQ

If you are more of a home body and are unsure what the exact guidelines of social distancing are at this point, I suggest having a small family Barbecue! Make up a few different salads, Pasta salad, or Potato salad are always a hit in my house. Throw something delicious on the grill, maybe even some corn on the cob and just enjoy the gorgeous weather and your time together with your family.


Which ever way you choose to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, I really hope you find some time in your plans to pay your respects in some manner. If you cant make it out to a memorial or cemetery, maybe you could wear red, white and blue as a way to honor our fallen heros.


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