Whether you're a visitor to Maine or native to our gorgeous state, you might not know how to cook lobster or prepare for a traditional Maine lobster bake. That's why I've decided to make up a list of all the items you will be to throw a successful Maine Lobster Bake.


First off, if you've never cooked a lobster, you will more than likely want to grab this great cookbook. It offers more than just a recipe on how to boil lobster, its full of all sorts of yummy lobster based recipes.


If you don't have a big covered boiler pot like this one, you will need to grab one so that way, you can cook multiple lobsters at once.


You'll want to make sure you are ready for the mess, because oh there is going to be one whether you think so or not. I highly recommend grabbing a pack of disposable and, of course, lobster themed bibs.


This pack of seafood tools is non-negotiable. Just ask me, the girl who has barely left the state of Maine...  You think I'd know what I needed?  Nope.  I ended up using a HAMMER!  I'm just trying to help you be way more successful than I was.


And this one is more of an added extra vs. a need, but I think every Maine Lobster Bake needs a string of lobster lights!


Of course, after you purchase all of these goodies, you'll need to pick up a bunch of fresh Maine Lobster, corn on the cob, make a few salads, and then its just time to send out those invites. Oh, and you can't forget lots and lots of butter!


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