There are some places I prefer to visit off season, Acadia National Park is one of them. Dust off the mountain bike and dream of the carriage trails. So thankful the park has been preserved for all to enjoy, and no better time then now through peak foliage. I have had the pleasure of spending much time in Acadia National Park over the years, although admittedly not enough. I’ve driven to Cadillac Mountain, biked around Eagle Lake as well as Witch Hole Pond and done some hiking. To say the park is stunning and beautiful is an understatement. One of my favorite hikes has been Flying Mountain.

Flying Mountain is a lovely 1.5 mile look that overlooks Somes Sound. It is considered the shortest named peak in the park. It’s on the “quiet side” of the park and is considered a moderate hike. As an added bonus, it is pet friendly which means I can take my dogs (always a bonus).

The trail can be steep in parts and has stairs in certain areas. The too offers fantastic views of Some Sound, Southwest Harbor, Northeast Harbor and several islands. From the peak you can either go back the way you came or hike down to Valley Cove.

It is said the nearby Fernald’s Point is actually haunted. The Jesuits started a settlement there in 1613, which only lasted a few weeks. The English came in a warship and drove them out, after killing one of the Jesuit priests. While I didn’t see any ghosts, I must admit the beauty of the area is touched with a bit of sadness and can be eerily quiet. Still a must see and do when you’re in Southwest Harbor.

So these next couple of weeks in early fall make a point to pack up the fam and enjoy a true national spectacle not too far from home. You'll be glad you did.

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