I have made it pretty clear I think dogs rule and I tolerate cats.  However, I would be remiss if I didn't give our furry felines an acknowledgement and some love.  We did originally start out with seven cats, all rehomed from shelters, roadsides and various exes.  But I digress.

We are now down to four cats.  The other three have sadly passed on to kitty heaven, the most recently being 13 when he died.  They all stay inside as we do not want to feed the local coyote population and live lives of leisure.  One or two of them will catch a random mouse once in a while, but not lately as I keep hearing one scurry around in our attic. The cats basically live like royalty....if I could only get them to take out the trash, or mow the lawn, I would be much more open to the "it's all about me" demeanor!
Lebron is now our oldest.  He was rescued from the road during a blizzard by my wife and step-daughter.  He's now somewhere around 10.  Maybe?  He's the epitome of a cat.  He sleeps where and when he wants to, he demands pats when he chooses and smacks you if he is not interested in any affection at all. For some reason he chooses me, where ever I go, where ever I sit...there he is and will attempt to sit on me of whatever I am reading. It is his life work to get in the way...I digress
Enzo was adopted from a shelter.  The shelter told us she was a he, and no, we didn't check.  We did get a call from the vet when we dropped her off to get "neutered" asking if we knew he was a she.  We were going to change her name, but Enzo stuck.  She's rather round and looks like a raccoon.  She's cute and despite her appearance is a good mouser. Very hormonal that one, I stay clear.
Gracie came to us when her owner could no longer keep her.  At the time the owner was dating one of our kids.  The owner has moved on and has a lovely family.  We still have Gracie. Luckily one of my daughters has lovingly accepted Gracie as her own
Last but not least is my other daughter's cat, Waffles.  Yes, Waffles.   She's a pretty good mouser as well but I can't seem to get a bit of work out of her.  She's currently snoozing on a cardboard box as cats do. That is suppose to be a super sized float waiting for a return to the lake but to Waffles...it's just a scratching post. No respect, no respect at all!
Well, that's all I got, thankfully! No more donations please! But feel free to show me some pictures of your fluffy, furry felines!
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