No one has really talked about Pokemon in a few decades. Now all of a sudden it is 1990 again and everyone has a serious case of the Pokemon fever, determined to catch em all! I was never too into Pokemon the first time around but with this new Pokemon GO I think I could be inclined to get involved. According to, The premise of Pokemon GO is that Pokemon characters are all over the world around us, depending on where you are and what time of day it is. The game can be played on any mobile device you just download the app. It encourages you to travel around the real world in order to catch these fictional characters. However people are becoming very engrossed in this game and not paying attention to the world around them. So leave it to the Bangor police to give out some advice to these Pokemon GO fanatics. (While simultaneously poking fun at them just a little because they kind of deserve it)

Their advice can be found on the Bangor Police Department's Facebook page here. We can always count on the Bangor boys in blue for their words of wisdom.