Ah yes, like the good Catholic boy I was raised to be, there is no escaping my Lenten promises.

Many believers will now abstain from eating meat on Fridays thru Easter, instead opting for fish. This brings up the dilemma, what is out there for fast food fish offerings?

Great question, let's take a look....


For a limited time, Arby's is offering two seaworthy sandwiches, both with crispy filets of wild-caught Alaskan Pollack. The Crispy Fish sandwich is topped with iceberg lettuce and tartar sauce, while King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe is beefed up with the same fixings plus tomatoes and cheddar cheese on a King Hawaiian bun.


The McDonald's Filet-o-Fish first debuted in 1962, when franchise owner Lou Groen debuted it in direct response to the Roman Catholic population of his Cincinatti neighborhood, who tended to abstain from meat on Fridays. Today, we get to score McDonald’s classic Filet-o-Fish sandwich all year but, the best deals often come around this season, featuring fish sourced from sustainable fisheries, topped with American cheese and tartar sauce.


Wendy's offers up a Wild caught Alaskan pollock fillet, crunchy panko breading, topped with creamy dill tartar sauce, pickles, lettuce, and American cheese. Proof that ice fishing is actually totally worth it


Burger King will let you score a catch of marvelous flavors for your tastebuds with this delightful fish sammie. A succulent fish fillet is embraced by a whole slice of American cheese, and then topped with tangy tartar sauce to accentuate the fish's flavor and it's all served between a toasted sesame bun.


DQ is serving up the Wild Alaskan Fish Sandwich. Always quite the catch, the Wild Alaskan Fish Sandwich features crispy wild-caught Alaskan pollock that is lightly coated to deliver a pleasingly crunchy outside with a tender inside. Along with the crispy Alaskan Pollock, the Wild Alaskan Fish Sandwich features fresh lettuce and tangy tartar sauce on a toasted bun. This is a catch that’s sure to hook any fish sandwich connoisseur.


Subway says you’ll love every bite of their classic tuna sandwich. 100% wild caught tuna blended with creamy mayo then topped with your choice of crisp, fresh veggies. 100% delicious. And now that we know that the tuna is...well, tuna we can all rest assure that we are getting the best of the oceans bounty.

Well, there you have. I saw several 2 for $6 deals on Western Ave in Augusta. What's you favorite fish sammie? I'm still opting for the Filet-O-Fish, just something about that steamed bun and tarter falls out all sides that really speaks to me...just have plenty-O-napkins!

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