Most of the services at Central Church's three locations have a very familiar (churchy) feel to them.  People connecting with friends and family as they wait for the service to start, children laughing, the smell of coffee, background music to set the mood...

A few times a year, though, they really like to change it up.  If you have ever been to a Christmas or Easter service, you know what I am talking about.

In addition to those two major holidays, there's also what the call "Day In The Park".

That's when the ENTIRE congregation - all the services from all three locations - attend one massive service at Augusta's Capitol Park.

As in years past, the event will take place at Augusta's Capitol Park (across State Street from the State House) on Sunday, May 28th - that's the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.  Again, as in years past, the plan is for the service to get kicked off at 10:30.  However, you're going to want to get there early to get a good seat.

There'll be music, a message, and baptisms.

The fun continues after the service, too.  There'll be a free BBQ, a cotton candy station, free haircuts, a shoe giveaway, family games, and more.

Get all the details HERE

Erika Jorce Bush / Central Church
Erika Jorce Bush / Central Church

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