So your friend did something mean, your spouse is doing something to annoy you, and you want some payback. You came to the right place. Here are some surefire ways to even the playing field.

1. Change their alarm to 2 am.

2. Buy their favorite snack. Don't share with them.

3. Watch their favorite show on Netflix. Tell them a fake spoiler.

4. Pregnant friend? Is she being a horrible person? Buy a dog, name it whatever name she was going to give her baby.

5. Replace every vodka bottle in their house with tap water.

6. Move every piece of furniture in their house 3 inches to the left.

7. Hack their facebook, make a passionate post supporting their opposing political beliefs.

8. Replace all their bacon with Tofu Bacon.

9. Create and internet ad for a massive yard sale at their house.

10. Change their significant other's contact info in their phone to their mom's.


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