According to CNN, five parrots have been removed from a wildlife park in the United Kingdom after they repeatedly swore at guests.

Staff at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park split up the foul mouthed group after they repeatedly verbally harassed guests at the park.

The African Grey Parrots had been given to the park by five different owners all within a few days.  Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson, and Billy were reportedly a rambunctious group when they were in quarantine together.  It had been hoped that they would mellow when they were put into public areas of the park.  Unfortunately, that is not what happened.  They continued to talk dirty.

Many visitors loved the dirty birds.  Some guests would even swear back at the birds!  The guests would trade insults with the birds.  Of course, the more the guests interacted with the birds, the more profane words the birds would learn.

So, over concern for the younger visitors, the parrots were put in different sanctuaries.

Have you ever owned a parrot?  Did he or she talk?  Were you able to teach them any words or phrases?

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