In January, Dr. Monica Henson, the superintendent of the Oxford Hills School District, was accused of grabbing a student by the arms.

The incident, which allegedly took place in September of 2021, allegedly happened at the Agnes Gray Elementary School.  During the alleged incident is said to have grabbed a student by the arms and pulled him into an office.

During the incident, Henson said she used:

a limited restraint technique for a loudly disruptive student so as not to allow disruption of an entire hallway of classrooms.

She has been on paid administrative leave since the incident was reported in January.

Earlier this week, we got word that she had resigned from her position.

Now, we are getting more details about the resignation.

According to WMTW, on the stipulation that she files no claims against the school district, Dr. Henson will receive a $174,500 severance payout.  Additionally, they will also pay her $5,500 in legal fees.

The agreement, which was signed by all parties on Monday, also bars Henson and members of the district from talking about the situation publicly.  And, in the agreement, Dr, Monica Henson agrees to make herself available for testimony should a suit be brought against the school district.

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