It is looking like Friday was the real kickoff to winter in Maine.  Unlike the storms we've had for the last few months, Friday's storm brought almost nothing but snow.  And, it looks like the snow is here to stay.

Earlier this week, several Maine Meteorologists were saying we were going to be getting THREE STORMS in the span of a week!

As you have no doubt heard, we have more on the way for tonight and tomorrow.  In fact, according to the National Weather Service, Central Maine will have a WINTER STORM WARNING in effect from 7 PM on Sunday through 10 PM on Monday.

As of Sunday morning, the meteorologists at WGME are saying that some parts of Maine could see nearly a foot of snow!

It is expected that the southwestern part of the state, like the area near Fryeburg, Brownfield, Standish, and Bridgton, will get somewhere between 8 inches and 10 inches of snow.

Much of Central Maine, Lewiston / Auburn and Augusta / Waterville, for example, will probably see anywhere from 4 inches to 8 inches of accumulation.

North and west of Central Maine will get anywhere from a dusting to 5 inches of snow.

Take a look at the prediction map:


Of course, it is winter in Maine.  We should be used to dealing with weather like this.  Just take it slow and allow extra time to get what you are going.

Of course, if you are on the road, give other vehicles around you the extra space needed to keep everyone safe.  If you are driving around plows, keep in mind they have some big blind spots.  This graphic will give you a good idea about where the blind spots on plows are.

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