With all the news lately about home improvement scams, it brings up a great question.....how do you find and hire a legit and trustworthy contractor to get the job done right, and without getting scammed?

According Paula Fleming from the Better Business Bureau in an article on Mainebiz, it really all starts with a solid vetting plan.

Depending on the project that you need taken care of, you may be working with a specialized professional like a plumber or painter, or if you have a bigger project you may decide to enlist the services of a project manager like a general contractor that will connect all the pieces and timeline together.

Regardless which you choose or need, doing the proper research first can make all the difference between a perfect project, or a nightmare that never seems to end.

The Better Business Bureau is always a good place to start, they do offer verified reviews. Don't just stop there though, do some Google searches of the person and or company name and add the word "scam" or "complaints" to the search and see if anything pops up as a red flag.

Next get some local, keyword, "local" references, make sure to call several and if it seems like they are fake or seem too much like the persons friend, note that as another red flag.

Always get any kind of estimates in writing and make sure you have a signed contract for all services to be provided before they start any kind of work.

It's also sound advice to get and verify any license information and contact any insurers they may have to make sure they are valid and up to date.

CLICK HERE to get additional tips from Mainebiz and the Better Business Bureau.

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