With the coronavirus pandemic cancelling all major 2020 tours, artists have had to get creative.

Over the last few months, we've seen numerous Facebook Live concerts done by some of country's biggest stars.  Plus, we've seen Alan Jackson performing a pair of concerts at drive-in theaters.  Now, it looks like Garth Brooks is getting in on the drive-in action.

Presented by Encore Live, the virtual concert will air at 300 drive-in theaters nationwide on June 27th.

Tickets will be $100 per carload (up to six people).  The tickets will go on sale Friday, June 19th and you'll be able to get them HERE

The real question is, will we be able to see the show here in Maine?  So far, we have not found a drive-in theater that has confirmed they intend to run the show.  However, there are several that are interested in running the event.

What can you do?  Reach out to your local theater and tell them you'd love it if the would run the event.

Skowhegan Drive-In (Skowhegan)

Bridgton Twin (Bridgton)

If you find out your local drive-in plans to run the concert, please let us know.

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