March 16th...

That was the day that I was supposed to get the internet hooked up at my house. And then I came down sick and needed to be tested for the dreaded and (at the time) very new covid-19.

I spent that Monday morning taking my covid test. I came home to the internet provider technician sitting in my driveway, where I had to explain with my car window still shut that he was not welcome in or around my house because I was in a 14-day quarantine.

All of what you just read was the "tip of the iceberg" on the journey to getting internet. I'm talking multiple companies, multiple trips in and out and around my house, just to be denied multiple times for multiple reasons. I gotta tell ya, not one reason made sense to me, but I'm not very technical, so when one said no, I just tried again.

I am happy to announce that after multiple failed attempts with other carriers and my very first attempt with T- Mobile, T- Mobile came through!

Not only was T-mobiles customer service unmatched, but the equipment also came with easy to read instructions and was set up in less than five minutes. So, if you need home internet, I highly suggest this little white box.


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