Summer is in full bloom, and that means a lot of folks are spending hours on the water relaxing, and some are even floating down the river. River floating has become a super popular way to spend time with friends and family.

According to an email from Tim Curtis, the Town Manager of Madison, those who plan to float the Kennebec River should take note of decreased water levels. Eagle Creek Renewable Energy will begin a new project Saturday, Augusta 15th, that will replace what they call a bladder replacement.

The water level of the river will drop by 5-6 feet in areas of the Kennebec River from Madison up to the North Anson Boat Landing. The decrease could cause some floaters to pick their floats up and walk due to the lack of water. So, if you or someone you know is headed in that direction to float on the river, be aware, and please spread help spread the word.

For further information, you can contact Tim Curtis or the Madison Town Office or 207 696 3971 (Office)



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