This is for all those parents out there saying to their kids.. "Don't get hurt, now is not the time to make an emergency room trip!"

Tuesday afternoon started off like any other nice Spring day: we grabbed some hamburgers for the grill and headed outside for some fresh air. My parents, who live next door, decided to join us (from a distance of course) for a nice quite evening of catching up on life and a little bit of sunshine.

My son Logan, like any other child would be, was jumping around and getting out a ton of that pent up energy. He has always had a love for climbing trees, or anything really. LOL. So when he headed for the trees, I wasn't too worried.

I kept my thoughts of "I really can't be making a trip to the Emergency room right now" to myself, as I didn't want to ruin the little bit of fun he was having..or jinx it.

Sitting in a chair facing my parents with my back to the woods, I heard a loud SNAP followed by his scream...  Every one of us jumped and, just as I turned around and ran  for him, I watched him drop from approximately 10 feet and landed hard on the rock wall that borders our yard.

As I stood over him with tears rolling down my face, all sorts of thoughts scrambled through my head.. Is his back broken? Did he puncture one of his lungs? and some other pretty unimaginable thoughts, that no parent should ever have.

With 911 on speed dial, I braced his neck and back the best we could and made sure to remind him that moving was the last thing he should do in that moment.

Almost instantly Logan started to panic realizing he couldn't breathe. He had hit the ground so hard it knocked the wind right out of him. We all know in any emergency situation like this you should remain calm but, by seeing him panicking I did to. With a couple deep breathes he was able to get some air back into his lungs.

Once he was calm and collected we checked him from head to toe. It was clear he was having back and hip pain but could move his arms, legs and toes. Then came the moment we knew we needed medical advice, not only did he have a major fall, he managed to get a pretty good sized egg on the back of his head.

With everything going on in this world surrounding Covid-19 we knew unless it was a dire need, we needed to steer clear of the hospital. I contacted the on call physician to see what our next steps should be.Together we decided that it was best to monitor Logan at home as Logan hadn't lost consciousness and was showing a few other signs that he was going to be okay.

It was a long night observing his every move. I slept in his bed with him and the whole next day he wasn't allowed to leave this anxious moms side.


I'd have to say it was the scariest thing I have witnessed one of my children go through, but by the grace of God he came out of it all with only a mild concussion and a badly bruised hip!

Logan Bruise
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