It's looking like the Summer of 2020 will be more of a Stay-cation then a Vacation. If I can be honest, I'm not very mad about it.  There are lots of things we can do right here in our beautiful State.
Instead of finding places out of state, my family has made a bucket list of all the places in Maine we haven't seen or been. While we were writing out this list, it shocked me when I realized a few of these places are typical tourist attractions in Maine, big-name places too, and we've just never made the time to see.
Aside from the well-known tourist attractions that we've never been to, I really wanted to find a few very unique yet fun places that we could visit here in Maine. I think we succeeded with our Summer Bucket list and found the right mix of both well-known and unique sites.
So, this is our year, and we are going to see more of Maine than we probably ever have!


Summer 2020 Bucket List

Acadia National Park It is 47,000 acres of woodlands, rocky ocean beaches, and is home to Cadillac Mountain. Acadia National Park is mostly located on Mount Desert Island and provides you with gorgeous scenic views and even offers a peek at local wildlife, such as bears, moose, and whales.

International Cryptozoology MuseumIt is the study of unseen animals that haven't been verified by Science if you are unfamiliar with the word Cryptozoology. The International Cryptozoology Museum located in Portland, presents you with evidence and artifacts that can help you make your final decision on if Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, or maybe even things like Mermaids are the real deal.

The Desert of Maine -  Witnessing Maine's desert has been on my bucket list for years. I had no idea that in the middle of Maine's forest that there could be an actual desert. There is more than just sand at the Desert of Maine, you can hunt for Gems, and you can even go camping.

B52 Crash Site - Located in the woods of Elephant Mountain just 6 miles from Greenville, you will find the crash site of a B-52 plane that crashed during a training mission in 1963. If you're up for a hike and like to learn about local history like our family, I suggest you check it out. You can read the full story HERE if you're less into making the hike and just learning more about it.

Wild Blueberry Land -  It is a unique human-made land built-in 2001, where everything is painted blueberry blue, and even a few of the buildings were built to resemble that of a blueberry. They even have a gift shop and bakery where you can purchase blueberry souvenirs and yummy homemade blueberry treats.
Fun Fact: Wild Blueberries are 1 of only 4 fruits native to North America.

Do you know of any other unique places around Maine that we could add to our Summer of 2020 bucket list?

If so please send them my way!

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