If you've lived in Maine for any amount of time, then you are no doubt familiar with one of the largest TV broadcase news outlets in the entire state- WCSH, News Center Maine.

According to an article on NewsCenter's website, they had the unfortunate duty of announcing longtime TV reporter, Chris Rose's death yesterday. NewsCenter Maine is reporting that Rose, who worked for channel 6 for over 30 years, passed away at his home in Old Orchard Beach on Wednesday following a 'cardiac event'.

Chris was incredible at what he did, and was one of the most well-respected journalists in not just Maine, but all of New England. Oftentimes, Chris and his camera crew were first on scene at some of the biggest stories in the region.

The story from NewsCenter Maine read in part,

Chris covered many high-profile stories that impacted our state and region, from the sinking of the El Faro to the Boston Marathon bombing but also gave equal care to the more lighthearted stories, such as when Robin Williams came to shoot a movie in Maine. Each story he covered, no matter how heavy or light, exciting or seemingly mundane, Chris gave it his all.  

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