The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has found fault with the way a Rockland long term care facility dealt with the passing of a resident.

According to WMTW, a resident at Woodlands Memory Care entered a secured courtyard at around 6:40 PM on December 18th, 2021.  It was first noticed that the resident was missing at about 8:20 PM.  When the resident was found, at about 8:40 PM, the resident was immediately wrapped in blankets and paramedics were called.

Sadly, the resident later died in hospice care as a result of the time they spent outside.

According to the TV station article, about four inches of snow fell on the area on the night of December 18th, 2021.

The Department of Health and Human Services report found that facility failed to notify police when the resident was first noticed missing and they never called the authorities until the person was located.  Additionally, they allegedly failed to notify the state of the incident, as they were required to do by law.

The report was actually completed back in March.  It was sent to the facility in March and sent again the April.  As of July, the facility has still failed to respond with an action plan.

The news article says, in part:

On Monday, July 18, a spokesperson for Maine DHHS told WMTW that Woodlands Memory Care had not submitted an acceptable Plan of Correction related to the report. The spokesperson also said that Maine DHHS issued the facility a Directed Plan of Correction related to the SOD, which tells the facility how and when to address deficiencies, but the DPOC was under appeal.

In an effort to keep our older loved ones safe, the DHHS is asking anyone with concerns about their loved ones in long term care facilities to reach out.  You can file a complaint HERE.

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