Over the last few years, even before the pandemic, we were seeing an increase in scams targeting Mainers.  Recently, those scammers have gotten really brave.  They are no longer just targeting the elderly.  Now, people in all walks of life are falling victim to, and losing cash to these criminals.

Sadly, we are getting word that a Central Maine couple was recently scammed out of a large sum of cash by a man claiming to be a "Customs Border Patrol Agent".

According to a press release from the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office, on June 1st, deputies responded to a complaint of a couple being scammed out of nearly $10,000.

The press release said, in part:

On May 25th  a man posing as a “Customs Border Patrol Agent” convinced them to go purchase $2,300.00 worth of Visa Debit cards and provide the agent with the card numbers.  The next day another person called back posing as a Customs Border Patrol Agent and advised them the needed to send them $7,000.00 cash to avoid being arrested because they were being accused of smuggling illegal drugs and money laundering.

Concerned about the threats, they sent the money out of state via UPS.

They reported the voice on the phone seemed "foreign".

Additionally, on Wednesday June 2nd, the sheriff's office responded to the complaint of a Litchfield woman being scammed out of nearly $1,000 in Google Play cards.  She had been promised nearly $10,000 in federal money if she sent in the one time fee of $950.  In that case, the caller claimed to be from the Federal Reserve Bank.

While we do not know the ages of those involved, it is important to keep an eye on our loved ones, especially our older loved ones.

Also, if something seems "off" seek an alternate way to verify the information.  As many scammers are not from the United States, they could have thick accents or use improper syntax.  And remember, no law enforcement or government agency will demand money from you over the phone, especially in the form of gift cards.

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