The recent drought across most of Maine has lead to an increased risk of wilderness fires.  This became evident earlier this week when a fire started in the Eastern Maine town of Wesley.

According to the Maine Forest Rangers Facebook page, a relatively small forest fire popped up on the Wesley / Northfield line

When it was first reported yesterday afternoon, it was about 5 acres.  Overnight, it grew...  A lot!  By this morning, it was over 17 acres.

Fortunately, at this point (Thursday afternoon), the fire is about 90% contained.

The Facebook post, from around Noon on Thursday, said, in part:

The fire is still 17.5 acres and is now 90 percent contained. Small flareups along the Southern side are being attacked, with the remainder of the perimeter fully contained. No acreage growth, no firefighter injuries and still no structures are threatened.

Check out these videos:

Clearly, due to the recent weather conditions, there is a higher than normal risk of any burn turning into a forest fire. If you are going to burn something outside, use your best judgement, be safe, and make sure you have all the needed permits.  If you are unsure about anything, check with the fire department.

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