According to WGME, the Sanford Police Department is warning Maine businesses about people passing counterfeit $100 bills.

So far, the incidents have been reported in Sanford and Springvale, but there is the possibility that the counterfeiters could be using the fake money in other communities, as well.

According to law enforcement, the counterfeiters are purchasing low-cost items at convenience stores.  This tactic allows them to exchange the fake money for a significant amount of real money.

Police are asking cashiers and clerks to pay close attention to anyone using $100 bills for small purchases and use extra scrutiny in order to determine if the money they are getting is in fact real.

According to the Federal Reserve, easy ways to confirm a bill is real include holding it up to the light to see if it has a USA security thread (on bills with denominations of $5 and more), holding it up to the light to see if it has the watermark, and tilt the bill to see if it has the color-shift ink.  Get more tips HERE

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