Maine was recently placed as the fifth best state in the country to see a UFO. According to WMTW, the odds are 70 sightings per 100,000 people.

So what have people seen throughout the years?

5. Westbrook, 1987

From user "Ben" via UFO Sentinel, he was woken up in the middle of the night and looked out the window and saw two alien creatures in his yard. Described as wearing white coveralls and short with big heads, they seemed to be looking for something on the ground.

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4. Millinocket, 1976

New England Today described a story involving four Massachusetts college students who were canoeing the Allagash. While canoeing the boys allegedly witnessed something in the sky. A local ranger insisted what they saw was a searchlight. Years later one of the boys released a book titled, The Allagash Abductions that describes incidents where the boys were haunted by alien creatures after seeing the light in the sky including visions of creatures levitating above the bed, being poked with needles, and undergoing medical examinations.


3. Bristol, 1994

An account listed on described driving home and having a UFO hover above their vehicle mimicking their every move; turning when they turned, stopping when they stopped. The UFO eventually ended up at their home. Frightened, the young family proceeded to travel to their grandparents' home. As they approached the coast, the UFO disappeared.

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2. Orrington, 2017

In a tale from Mutual UFO Network, an individual recounts a story of heading to Orrington from Brewer, taking an "S" turn and saw red lights down the road and above the lake. They assumed it was something from the Bangor International Airport. The individual went on to tell his friends a story of how he thought he saw a UFO earlier in the year while they drove closer to the mysterious lights. As they approached it, it was suddenly much closer and appeared to be a triangular shape and would swoop down towards the road from high in the air.


1. New Gloucester, 1973

A man claims he and his brother were abducted and released in a story from The Black Vault. The individual said that once released he had a nosebleed, the whites of his eyes were orange, and he was shorter.

Another account around the same time, reported having seen flying objects in the area prior to the incident. On that particular night, a UFO followed the individual and friends down the road. Suddenly it seemed like traffic was unusually sparse and the sun set quickly revealing the stars which appeared to be larger and brighter. The individual described feeling his heartbeat in his ears and that it felt like he and his friends were inside a "vacuumed bottle" hearing only each other. Then the UFO was in full view, described as being large and lit up with orange light. The brothers felt like only an hour had passed looking at the UFO but daylight arrived quickly thereafter.

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